A’Blige Interior Designs’ Principal Designer Ajia Monet has been a creative visionary her entire life. Growing up in the city of Baltimore, she spent much of her leisure time decorating her room, due to the fact she moved around a lot. After a while it had became second nature creating comfort in any environment she was placedin. Ajia earned her certification in real-estate back in 2012 through Long & Foster where she then learned that selling homes wasn’t her true passion it was the things in the home that truly captured her interest. After going a totally different route Ajia decided to resign from her long time government employment with the United States Postal Service in 2015 to pursue her lifelong passion as an Interior Designer. 

“A’Blige Interior Designs” is what she called it; founded in April of 2014 Ajia began offering Affordable Luxury

Living to residential and commercial businesses in the DMV area and beyond. With her sincere focus on client experiences, Ajia started offering the full “A’Blige Designs” experience on an affordable level in order to ill the gap in affordable interior design services being offered in the lower and middle class community. Centrally located in the city of Baltimore she has gained a broad clientele all across the World. She is focused on providing interior design solutions, home staging and custom décor with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and will do everything she can to meet her clients expectations.


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2654 Maryland Ave, Baltimore MD 21218

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