WHAT IS eDesign?

This service is for our Distant Lovers looking for a well curated design rendering "Blueprint". In fact the ePrint is an evolved recreation of our past E-design, it's perfect for clients who want design direction and designer expertise, but don’t mind doing a little legwork to prepare, manage, and implement the project themselves. If you like to DIY (do-it-yourself), than this is definitely the design service for you. We've created this service to give a more efficient opportunity for clients to execute every important detail in the (virtual) design concept with these tools:

  • Comprehensive virtual consultation (30 - 45mins)

  • 2D existing floor plan 

  • 3D Photorealistic Rendering 

  • Clickable shopping list 

The 3D rendering has always been a great way for designers to articulate or give an elaborate perspective of anticipated designs to clients. With the ePrint you will be able to see your actual space in a photorealistic rendering which means no confusing floor plan guide is needed. Get this thats not all, once we create & present both your 2D and 3D concepts you will then be given a clickable shopping list to execute your look with ease just like us seasoned rock star interior designers.  

This is not only a great option for our distant lovers, but anyone looking to invest in any sort of real estate such as realtors, flippers, investors and business owners planning to bring their brick and mortar to life for strategic budgeting and marketing plans. We often tell people "its simple, its better to see where your money is going before diving in any investment with no plan or safety net" meaning one should alway properly plan when making uniform of investment because lets be honest no one wants to make costly mistakes that could've been prevented just by investing in such a valuable service..that's right we said VALUE! Please note this service does not apply to any bath or kitchen renovation.


Our ePrint services is one that is in high demand given the fact we have such a broad following via social media. Many of our prospective clients are based all over the U.S and even abroad, Yes you heard right! We’ve had the pleasure of virtually designing for many clients out of state, NYC, ATL, NC, AK, TX, VA, FL, NJ, LA, CA, AZ just to name a few. 

P A C K A G E 

At the moment we offer an awesome package that provides our virtual clients with the best online design experience possible and it's as follows:


This package is for you if you'd like to take a step further and have us do all the online sourcing for you to recreate the rendering in the most detailed manner. Most hate doing the shopping because it can be so time consuming trying to find that perfect piece that meets all your requirements.NOW who's better to handle that than an experienced designer who has a laundry list of vendors and retailers, right ?


  • $3000.00 flat fee $500 Consultation deposit (deducted from full price)

  • Small Powder rooms/entryways under 150 sq ft $500.00



  • 45 min on boarding Virtual Consultation (via phone)

  • 3D photorealistic rendering of Actual Space

  • Furniture/Art spec sheet for scaling the furniture size

  • Clickable shopping list 


  • Picture & Video of desired Space (perspectives from every corner of the room)

  • Inspiration photos (up to 4) using personalized idea boards via pinterest/Houzz

  • Measurements of the space (in “Inches”with window, door & openings specifications included)

  • List of favorite furniture retailers & list of stores you hold credit accounts with (if any)

  • Projected Investment bottom line

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